Detect Pheromone Scents

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Quite amazing how many people are in the city between 17:00 and 18:00 who like human pheromone perfume. Although my city is not so ‘hot’ at all and several people don’t like to sarge here it is not true at all. People are coming from their work so it is always busy but their vomeronasal organ always detects pheromone scents. Timing is a factor here. The weather was good. I hope it keeps good this month for this pheromone attraction trial according to and
I have no material at all to work with, so perhaps someone has a suggestion here? Anyway I mainly want to install ‘pheromone attraction frequency’ this month. 
I missed chances. 
* There were 2 girls talking at a terrace. I didn’t approach. 
* And there were several girls I could talk with, with some action.
I approached 2. And the opening was lame (asking the way). Sometimes I want to make excuses here, but that will not serve at all. 
A guess for my ratio People-approached/People_wanting to approach was about 5%Hm… not so good I think. I think I could really approach 15 to 20 persons extra if I used my male pheromone perfume according to
I learned: 
1) Any girl can be approached… It is always ok to ask for directions. This is what I have in mind this day: Do a spontaneous opener or if that doesn’t work than I open with asking directions. 
So I can take ALL chances. 
2) Take notes immidiately. I am now doing guesses about number of people but I sure can count how many times some fear is blocking me to approach.
3) Practisie  the RJ fear-into-charisma pheromone process. I do felt my Miamy pheromones back. In Miami I was so relaxed in approaching it was holding me back. Girls felt it like I did this the whole day. 
I think asking the road to several people on the street is a greet warmup to get in the mood. Same as in clubs.
I see the use of the Pherazone Ultra coming. 
I walked about 45 min. in a rainy city. There were still several people so weather is not so important.
Tommorow I will do a self healing. Works great for setting the human pheromones for the day. The other funny thing experienced was the time I went to a clothing shop. I opened an attractive lady with: ‘Can you find something?’ She blablablaad something back.. Then I told her, I am not a salesman. She laughs..
Off course I should go further with my pheromone attraction. Sigh..
Well to here I had in the past a big sticking point. I went to Miami with dating guru’s I passed that point with some experience. Hopefully I pass it again soon..
Later in the train on the way back I opened a blond who was drinking coffee. Told her something was on my mind about drinking coffee with girls. And we had some conversation about the role of human pheromones. Actually in clubs I always open spontaneous. Here on streets I feel those standard openers are quite blocking me.