Vigrx Plus Testing

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And don’t think I’ve discounted vitamin d, e, a, zinc, or whatever else you include with Vigrx Plus. Because I haven’t. I can only share with you my current observations with the supplements I’m taking. And that is, a combination of magnesium, b12, b complex, and vitamin c, along with some cold training, have helped my erections, my mood, my motivation, my circulation, given me a tan, and I feel really healthy. However I’m not done yet, and will have more to report, but it needs testing, testing, testing. I still have weight to lose, exercise to increase, more cold training, and a decent sleeping pattern. Learn more at and I’m trying to train my mind in various ways also. But until these things happen, there is no point me discussing them, so I won’t. But when I get a success in something I think it worthwhile sharing. Be sure I will share them. I forgot to mention, be careful of the brands of Vigrx Plus. Some are absolute shit even though they have great reviews on amazon. The people on phoenix rising forum said the source naturals one is the worst, and has no effect on blood levels after doing a split test. Even a reviewer on amazon said he felt great on it, then when he got his B12 levels checked, they hadn’t budged at all. I don’t know which one is the best tbh. Originally I was alternating between the 1mg Jarrows brand and the 5mg Swanson brand, just in case one of them didn’t work the other one would. Then I ran out, and I just bought a load of the 2.5mg Swanson brand only. The reason being, the swanson brand was smaller and easier to dissolve under the tongue, and a better price. My goal is at the moment is to stick to 1 brand (in my case swanson), and then in 4-5 months times get my b12 levels checked. So I can’t recommend a brand I’m afraid, all I can do, is not recommend source naturals brand. It’s frustrating really, because in this case, I can’t rely on my observations. Also if my healthy tan was a result from B12 + B9, I have no idea whether it was because of the Jarrows brand or Swansons brand. The best way to do it is get a b12 levels checked before. Take a supplement for 4 months. Then get b12 level checked again. Or just take a brand for minimum of 4 months, and then get b12 levels checked. You’ll know it’s working or not, because people’s blood levels go into the 800-1200 range. Also don’t forget B12 is like vitamin C, pretty much non-toxic in high doses. But unless you can convince your doctor to give you a B12 blood test, or can afford a private B12 blood test, B12 will continue to be a bitch in our side. As we know how commonly deficient it is in people, and at the same time, sublingual methylcobalamin has been proven to raise b12 levels, but the brands can be unreliable. So you just have to take the risk without blood tests. Or just take a blood test, after you’ve taken the risk of a certain brand. Learn more at